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From Pillow to Pool, Novel’s Bedroom Idea

Can you imagine how is it feel again to wake in the middle of a water surface? Now, it is not just an imagination anymore. You can have a look at the pictures that we have for you below and also he preview ones. That would feel really great to wake up in a situation like this in the morning. You can feel the sun’s shine through you warmly. It touch you slowly with its warm light that is good for your health. And when you feel to take a bath, you can just dive in directly to the pool Continue Reading »

Panoramic bedroom windows
Swimming pool steps
Bedroom with swimming pool
Tropical bedroom suite
Bedroom with infinity pool
Luxury bedroom suite
Rooftop swimming pool
Infinity pool moat
Poolhouse bedroom floor to ceiling windows

Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto

Platform beds are the much healthier, far more attractive version yet possibly the trend equivalent of the 1970s waterbed. In fact today’s platform beds are outright artful when originating from certain design firms. Furniture designers are turning them into self-sufficient islands, bachelor-ready suites, floating squares, and textured clouds. Beds like these by Italian Presotto, a modular furniture design firm, offers innumerable combinations of texture, style, and color. The firm uses leather or wood, curvilinear or rectangular headboards, floating squares, or massive furniture pieces that seem self-sufficient with night tables and couch-like platforms. Continue Reading »

Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :s and m
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :bachelor bed
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :oversized bed
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :ikea
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :chocolate luxury
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :floating bed
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto : curvy minimal
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :cloud bed
Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto :self sufficient bed

HiCan: The Ultimate Luxury Bed For Your Best Rest Experience

How is it after reading our first two ideas on your bedroom? Still have not find the design you desired? That is easy, we will post some article again some other time. It is now the time to talk more on the bedding first. What is bedding? It is the furniture where you usually sleep on. The one that is supposed to be soft and comfortable so that you can sleep peacefully and awake with full of energy inside you.That would be great! Now, do you have any idea what kind of bed that you need? Continue Reading »

beautiful bedroom design
television mounted bed1
luxury bed television1
insanely cool bedroom1
ferrari of beds1
television bed1
high tech bedroom
tv in bed1
bed with built in television1

A Wonderful Modern Master Bedroom Designs

Well, a contemporary master bedroom usually has minimal color, but adding one or two colors to the room can give it depth and character. Using light colors such as baby blue and yellow, pick an accent wall and paint it with the contrasting color. Keep the floor neutral with pine or another light-colored wood, and add some area rugs. Using blue, yellow, taupe and white can create a summery, beach-like feeling in your master bedroom. Alternatively, using brighter or darker colors such as burgundy can work if you are a fan of intense color. If you use a positive color, Continue Reading »

student bedroom paisley feature wall
student bedroom chandelier
student bedroom purple walls
student bedroom linear
student bedroom geometric feature walls
luxury brown chocolate bedroom
student bedroom feminine theme
student bedroom organic
student bedroom nature feature wall

The Wonderful Design of a Modern Bedroom

Hello everybody? How’s life for today? We hope that everything is well on you. Now, what do we have for you today? Is that still important for you? Well, you should consider it important since we are about to tell you more on bedroom idea at this very new article. Why would we choose bedroom? Because bedroom is an important room that you certainly must have in a house since this is where you take a great rest after you are out there all day, struggling with your job. So it is important how you decorate your bedroom. Continue Reading »

Futuristic bedroom round bed
White bedroom design
Brown black bedroom
red white bedroom extended headboard design
Brown cream modern bedroom
Black white bedroom storage headboard
Neutral bedroom extended headboard
Black platform bed wood clad bedroom wall
Black bed wood clad interior wall

Luxurious and Outrageous Beds

Second one on our list is the mattress pads. Mattress pads add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your bed and also protect your mattress from wear and allergens. There are several different styles: standard fitted mattress pads, memory foam pads, feather bed pads, egg crates and mattress protectors. Test samples at an area department or specialty store. Whatever pad you choose, your ultimate goal is a more comfortable, cushy and potentially allergy-free night’s sleep. Continue Reading »

pine cone themed covers
for the holidays
luxury white red bedroom2
colors of christmas in the room
pleasant interiors
angelic bedding
luxury white red bedroom
bedroom for christmas
blue themed room

Beautiful and Cute with Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration Theme

Who hasn’t heard of Angry Birds? What had began as a video game by Finnish computer game developed Rovio Mobile in 2009 slowly but steadily became a famous video game all over the world for phones, video games, and computers. Today Angry Birds has become a phenomenon that has quite a following among people all over the world of different ages. Themed parties and clothing (t-shirts and even Halloween costumes) are a well known road of popularity and success, but Angry Birds did not stop there! Take a look at some of these accessories that cement the game’s place in Continue Reading »

Yellow Blue Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration Theme
Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration ideas
Blue Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration Theme
Angry Bird Star Bedroom Decoration Theme
Angry Bird Friend Bedroom Decoration Theme10
angry birds pillows
Brightly Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration Theme
angry birds toys
Colorfull Angry Bird Bedroom Decoration Theme

Stunning Treasure Trove of Traditional Boys Room Decoration

Even once you’ve decided on a modern look, you are still left with myriad possibilities from retro-mod to sleek ultra-mod. Think about how you want to feel in the room. If you want to be relaxed, choose a more calming theme. If you want to be energized as soon as you wake up in the morning, choose a theme with vibrance and vitality. Yet your bedroom should be a reflection of you, so pick colors, furniture and accessories that speak to your soul, not just something to match a picture in a magazine. Continue Reading »

Blue cream traditional boys room
Industrial childs bedroom
Blue cream classic boys room
Traditional sports themed boys room
Neutral boys bedroom design
Traditional boys bedroom bunkbeds
Aviation themed boys room
Black white blue boys room
Cream blue stripe rug boys room

Crazy Fun Thing On Your Pillows

It is time to actually talk about something that is not really involving the housing things, though it is still somehow something o do with your house too, well at least just one of the important tools that you would need when you are having a really good sleep. Oops, it’s just slide from the hand and we writing it already. Yes then, it is about pillow. Pillow is indeed really important for you when you are about to have a good sleep. It is indeed that you will not have a quality sleep without a good pillow you slept Continue Reading »


Stunning Bedrooms from Roche Bobois

Now, when you are finish with all of the thinking material of making your bedroom, you might come to the conclusion that you should buy the right furniture for your bedroom. That is why we are here. We have an inspiration of a place where you should go when you are about to find a great furniture for your bedroom. You can take a look at some high end bedroom sets by French furniture company Roche Bobois, they are indeed very good and we are feeling stunning about it too. Somehow, it is clear that nobody would like to have the Continue Reading »

French bedroom furniture
Utilitarian Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom bathtub
Beech wood platform bed
White purple bathroom
Modern bedroom
Brown grey bedroom
Walnut bedroom furniture
Upholstered platform bed